How Do You Feel Worksheet for Kids | Emotional Skills

How Do You Feel Worksheet for Kids | Emotional Skills

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Another way to learn about emotions and the various ways people can visually portray them is with our How Do You Feel Worksheet.

This worksheet consists of 6 different faces. The faces are blank, but underneath each face is a written emotion: “I’m sad”, “I’m afraid”, “I’m happy”, etc.” .

This emotions worksheet consists of two parts:

  1. In each blank face, draw what you think the below emotion looks like. Is the emotion statement, “I’m excited”? What does an excited expression look like to you? Draw it and share it to get feedback on what an emotion may or may not look like.
  2. After finishing drawing what you think the emotion looks like, trace the emotion statement. Tracing this statement is a great way to remind the children that “this is what sad can look like”. Remember a child’s vision of what sad looks like can range from one child to the next. One child may draw a “sad face” in hysterics and tears and another student can draw a simple frown face. Neither is right or wrong, both show how that child perceives an emotion.

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