Feelings Thermometer Worksheet

Feelings Thermometer Worksheet

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Our Feelings Thermometer worksheet is a great way to teach children that it’s okay to feel a certain way and sometimes talking about those feelings and situations can help future emotions from being expressed in a way that might not be preferred. 

Sometimes just knowing and recognizing how you’re feeling can calm someone down.

How does our Feelings Thermometer work?

Our Feelings Thermometer worksheet consists of 5 different colors. Bright green, dull green, yellow, orange and red. 

Each color represents an emotional category:

  • Green = Happy
  • Dull green = Worried
  • Yellow = Frustrated
  • Orange = Angry
  • Red = Furious

There are different levels of emotion and, for example, angry can feel completely different than furious would feel.

Have your children fill out the worksheet. Have them write one thing or situation that makes them feel each of the 5 emotions listed.

To help your children or students, read the emotion statements on the left side of the worksheet to help them identify how they are feeling, or help them recall a time in the past when they experienced those emotions. 

Was your child upset when their sibling took a toy from them? Did it make them mad and irritated? Or did it make them so mad that they wanted to throw something? Help them identify the different ranges of emotions with our Feelings Thermometer worksheet.

Get the whole Feelings and Emotional Skills Bundle.

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